Zodomus pricing

A competitive price for a channel manager API

  • 0,50 € / Listing / Channel
  • +
  • 0,10 € / Reservation
  • Example: 10 rooms x 2 channels = 10 x 0,5€ x 2 + 20 reservations x 0,1€ = 12 € / month plus VAT
  • Support included

About our prices

Price per listing + reservation

We charge a fee of 0,5€ per each listing (or room type) per channel per month and 0,1€ per new reservation (plus VAT if appliable). A listing can be a Room, an Apartment, a Villa, a Tent, an Holiday home.

No setup fee

We don't charge for setup and support. We want to help you use Zodomus.

Minimum monthly fee

The minimum monthly fee is 29€ per month (plus VAT if appliable). We only charge this amount if you total price is less than 29€. If so we will charge the montly minimum.

Free during test

You can create a test account without any payment information. We will only request payment info when you want to go live.

Free support

We offer free support even if you are a free client using our test sandbox