Zodomus pricing

A competitive price for a channel manager API

  • Channel manager price
  • 0,5 € / Room / Month
  • Example: 10 rooms = 10 x 0,5 = 5 € / month plus VAT
  • Unlimited channels
  • Support included

About our prices

Free during test

You can create a test account without any payment information. We will only request payment info when you want to go live.

Free support

We offer free support even if you are a free client using our test sandbox

OTA's access

At the start we will be connecting with Booking and Expedia, but soon we will be providing more OTA's

Price per room

On production we charge a fee of 0,5€ per each room (or room type) plus VAT (if applied). A room type can be a Room, an Apartment, a Villa, a Tent, an Holiday home.

No setup fee

We don't charge for setup and support. We want to help you use Zodomus.

Unlimited channels

You will be able to connect to all our channels, but at this initial phase only Booking and Expedia are available. But soon more OTA's will be available